Cheap TVs (Under $250) Ranked Best to Worst

The TV industry may be abuzz with 4K resolution, wall-filling panels, and fancy features, but for a lot of people there’s more to love about a low price tag. You may have to endure 1080p resolution or give up a few ...

How Feelings Took Over The World

Populist turbulence, viral panics, experts under attack: instinct and emotion have overtaken facts and reason in the digital age – can feelings now propel us into a better future?

The 3 ways to make your lighting smart

Smart lightbulbs are all the rage, but there are other options for making your lighting smart, too.

22 Alexa Tricks and Easter Eggs Your Family Will Love

Amazon's Alexa has many uses. From playing music to controlling your lights, the virtual assistant inside the Echo, Fire TV and other devices undoubtedly helps you get things done. But there's a more playful side programmed into Alexa, too, if you ...

Official Call of Duty – Black Ops 4 – Blackout Battle Royale Trailer

This is Blackout.

Chrome’s Huge 10th Birthday Redesign – Here Are the Best Features

Today, for Chrome's 10th birthday, Google's given its prized web browser a ton of new features, starting with a redesign aimed at speedier browsing. Other new treats in the browser update (available now) include a new password manager, a smarter Omnibox search ...

Why Hasn’t Science Solved Acne Yet?

Dermatologists are cautiously optimistic that a new vaccine could work better than so many other flawed treatments.

Wyze Cam Pan review

Cheap Wyze security camera is sneaky-good

The Bugatti Chiron is more than just fast

Get the Bugatti Chiron on the right road, and you'll see it's capable of handling the twisties just as well as straight-line sprints.

Philips Hue announced a ton of new smart lights this summer

Way beyond light bulbs It's been a very busy summer for Philips Hue, makers of the most popular color-changing smart bulbs money can buy. In addition to releasing a newly redesigned Philips Hue app and new Philips Hue Sync software aimed at ...

How To Organize Messy Cords At Home

Is this the sort of scary cord spaghetti monster that's hiding under your home entertainment area? That's no way to live. Here are affordable, effective products to clear that clutter.

Jim Kwik – Train Your Brain

7 Cheap Wireless Headphones (Under $100), Ranked Best to Worst

When it comes to affordable Bluetooth headphones, people assume that cost is tantamount to quality. That's an unfair assumption, especially since the market offers a variety of wireless headphones capable of delivering across multiple verticals: including battery life, comfort and, most ...

How Microsoft spotted another Russian hacking attempt

Also: How it all fits in with a larger campaign to influence elections.

WeTransfer’s Plan To Disrupt The Creative Process

“File-sharing” company no more–WeTransfer is aiming to become the pillar of creative communities.


The most “opinionated” version of Android yet

Google’s New Cloud Storage Plans Launch in the U.S.

Today, Google launched its new cloud storage pricing scheme under the mokiker Google One, which replaces all paid storage plans under the Google Drive brand.

Skype Preview for Android will soon relay SMS messages from your PC and Mac

You'll soon be able to send and receive SMS messages on your Android phone via Skype for desktop.

New Chrome Speeds Up the Whole Web – How to Try It

Chrome Canary's lazy loading feature can make browsing feel a lot faster.

Epic iPhone X, Galaxy S9 Plus, Huawei P20 Pro, Pixel 2 camera showdown

One of these top-notch phones has three rear cameras. One But the results of our mega smartphone camera test could surprise you.

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