Blackfin Tuna Basics – Florida Sportsman

Blackfin Tuna Basics - Florida Sportsman Source: Blackfin Tuna Basics - Florida Sportsman

Increasing your business value before selling | MassMutual

T Source: Increasing your business value before selling | MassMutual

Best Wi-Fi extenders 2018: the best ways to expand your network | TechRadar

Get Wi-Fi in every room with the best Wi-Fi Extenders Source: Best Wi-Fi extenders 2018: the best ways to expand your network | TechRadar

How to Reuse or Recycle your Old Phone or Tablet | Digital Trends

As technology marches ever onward, most of us are bound to have some old Android or iOS devices that they're simply not using. Rather than leaving them to languish in a drawer, why not put them to good use? Here are some ...

Ranger Roll – YouTube

FDA plans to restrict flavored e-cigarette sales to vape shops, ban menthol cigarettes from market

The Food and Drug Administration plans to limit sales of some flavored e-cigarettes to vape shops. The FDA also plans to move forward with a ban on menthol cigarettes. FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb is trying to control "epidemic" levels of ...

Amazon chooses New York City, Northern Virginia for HQ2

Amazon confirmed it plans to split its new headquarters, dubbed HQ2, between New York City and Northern Virginia. The announcement ends a year-long courtship by cities and metropolitan areas across North America. Also Tuesday, Amazon announced a smaller, third investment in ...

Punkt – A minimalist Android for the paranoid

Feeling lucky? Readers cry out for more diversity in the phone world, but few alternatives are as striking as Punkt's take on Android.

Grab your rod, let’s go fishing! (68 Photos)

Some days we fish, some days we work, all days we wish fish like these. Source: Grab your rod, let’s go fishing! (68 Photos)

Google Maps adds Commute tab, in-app controls for Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music

In early September, we spotted Google Maps' new Commute tab — a section that takes over from the Driving and Transit tabs to provide a more robust view of your daily commute to work or school. That change is now rolling ...

Verizon’s 5G home internet service is now live in four US cities

Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento get super fast Wi-Fi

Ex-Apple engineers pave the way for next-gen self-driving car sensors

Apple still hasn’t publicly revealed whether it’s working on an autonomous car, but a company started by former Apple engineers certainly is.

Bose Sleepbuds review: Helpful but needs improvement

Bose, which is well-known for its quality (and pricey) audio equipment, went an interesting route with its latest piece of hardware. Two years ago, the company took to Indiegogo to gauge interest in a pair of noise-masking sleep earbuds. Essentially, customers ...

5 Biggest Announcements from Amazon’s September Event

If you can't get enough of Alexa, we've got great news for you. Amazon just took the wraps off of a slew of new gadgets at its Amazon Devices event in Seattle, where we saw everything from an Alexa-powered microwave to ...

Samsung Launches Galaxy A7 with Triple-Lens Camera

After weeks of rumors, the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone is now official. And it has something the iPhone XS and XS Max lack: a triple rear camera.

Spotify’s Daniel Ek — How to build trust FAST

Normally, trust = consistency + time. But when you're scaling fast — you have to find shortcuts, with your partners and your users. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek knows a thing or two about this. When he founded Spotify, he did what ...

Leaked! This Is the Google Home Hub Smart Display

It looks like the Amazon Echo Show is about to get a direct competitor from Google. According to MySmartPrice, this is the new Google Home Hub, a 7-inch display and speaker unit powered by Google Assistant. The new device will likely be ...

Nuclear bunkers are the new real estate craze

If things go nuclear, break the bank for a bunker.

Are 3 Workouts a Week Enough for Weight-Loss Results?

We’re busier than ever. That makes it feel impossible to fit in even a quick trip to the gym, let alone commit to the type of daily exercise needed to stick to a trainer-approved weight-loss routine. Take your pick of gym-going ...

We’re finally getting the smartwatches we wanted five years ago

The Apple Watch and new devices powered by Qualcomm chips aren’t just smartphones strapped on the wrist anymore.

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