VOLTERMAN – world’s most powerful smart wallet, ever

As stated above - VOLTERMAN - the world's most powerful smart wallet, ever...

10 Futuristic Wallets for Man You Must Try

10 Best Futuristic Wallets You Must Try.. The design is elegantly simple and the materials used lend the wallet a futuristic feel, something sure to be appreciated by any sci-fi-loving guy.

Plastic Plucking Robots Are The Future

We are living in the Age of Plastic. In 2015, the world's industries created 448 million tons of it -- twice as much as it did in 1998. -- and the rate of production is only accelerating. However, our recycling efforts ...

5 Futuristic Smart Wallets We Can’t Wait To Try

We’ve had smartphones, smartwatches, and even smart luggage, but there’s another deeply personal piece of equipment that’s currently smartening up: the wallet.

How Young Should Batman Be?

Rumors that DC thinks Ben Affleck is too old for the role have us wondering.

The Thong Song Has Been Remade


Two essential Wi-Fi network tips for smart homes

Learn the keys to getting robust Wi-Fi in every corner of your home


If you're like us, music is as much a necessity as food, shelter, and clothing. Lots of our employees play and create it – like Charlie, one of our web editors here – and we all want to hear our old ...

Gigi Hadid Best Moments: Jersey Shore Fun, Tropical Kauai & Tahiti

China may match or beat America in AI

Source: Economist AT THE start of this year, two straws in the wind caught the attention of those who follow the development of artificial intelligence (AI) globally. First, Qi Lu, one of the bosses of Microsoft, ...


Plenty of cameras offer the ability to shoot underwater. Few of them were developed with divers in mind, and none match the convenience of the Paralenz Dive Camera. Most notable among its features is the depth-controlled color correction that automatically fixes ...


The Hopper™ Two expands on the leak-proof, portable, ultra-durable design of the original Hopper. We couldn’t turn down the opportunity to make our rugged soft-sided cooler even better.

Otterbox Venture Coolers – RULE THE OUTDOORS!

The outdoors are not a club with velvet rope and insider access. The outdoors belong to everyone, and OtterBox enables people to get out and do it their own way. OtterBox, an outdoor staple since 1998, is proud to introduce the ...

How to Push Yourself to Do Things You Don’t Want to Do With the 5-Second Rule

Source: How to Push Yourself to Do Things You Don't Want to Do With the 5-Second Rule

10 Best Digital Calipers For Ultimate Precision

SALVO-12 Shotgun Suppressor

Meet Gorgeous Model Shelby James by Erika Jordan

After encountering Shelby James we immediately wanted to know more! Check out the interview below and follow her on social media for updates and new photos!   BMG: You do print, glamour, promo, & represent various brands. It’s great to see ...

How Wolves Change Rivers – YouTube

25 Adult Tasks That Kids (of Any Age) Can Totally Do

You may have read about the confidence-boosting, responsibility-building benefits of having kids do chores. But if you want to watch a child practically explode with pride, ask him to do something helpful that an adult would normally handle. Here, a to-do ...

AR Rifle Lower Receivers: Cast vs Billet vs Forged Aluminum

Source: AR Rifle Lower Receivers: Cast vs Billet vs Forged Aluminum

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