The Universal Hot vs Crazy Matrix – a Man’s Guide to Women

TRULY a Man's Guide to Women...A MUST WATCH!!!

17 Hilarious Tweets About Kids That Are Truly Savage

"You're only a mom because of me."

Warby Parker Grew to $250 Million in Sales Through Disciplined Growth. Now It’s Time to Get Aggressive

Warby Parker's founders are doubling down on deep tech and retail stores to vault their beloved startup into the next phase.


In the fall of 1989 Princeton University welcomed into its freshman class a young man named Alexi Santana, whose life story the admissions committee had found extraordinarily compelling.

Apple just launched a new attack on Android

  Apple is back in the business of trying to convince consumers to switch to its products from a rival platform. Only this time it's targeting users of Android, not Windows.

Alexa, don’t talk to strangers!

The Amazon Echo, a smart helper running Alexa (I know I’m going to make some of my friends at Amazon angry by writing it, but Alexa is Amazon’s Siri), is a very cool device that can ...

Be the Most Persuasive Person in the Room: 9 Things Highly Influential People Always Do, According to Science |

Sometimes facts, logic, and reasoning aren't enough. Here's how the most persuasive people make a great argument even more convincing. Source: Be the Most Persuasive Person in the Room: 9 Things Highly Influential People Always Do, According to Science ...

Why Android is likely safe from a WannaCry-like attack

Android users are no strangers to outdated systems -- a key component to how WannaCry spread so quickly. But Google's software has different safeguards.

Is Microsoft to blame for the largest ransomware attacks in internet history?

When software outruns hardware...

Audi and Volvo will use Android as the operating system in upcoming cars

Deeper integration and the full Google Assistant

How to Install Cortana in All Types HP Android

For users of Windows 10 operating system, would have been familiar with a feature called Cortana. Cortana is a feature to answer any questions asked by users. If the question is understandable Cortana, Cortana will immediately say. If Cortana do not ...

HP is also building its own Cortana speaker

Harman Kardon isn't the only device maker creating its own Cortana-powered speaker. Microsoft is revealing today that HP is partnering with the software maker to create its own hardware that will run Cortana. Microsoft is also working with Intel to provide ...

Google Chrome might never come to Windows 10 S

Google would need to rework its popular browser to meet Microsoft’s app policies

Anti-net neutrality spammers are impersonating real people to flood FCC comments

This week, thousands posted comments on the FCC’s website in response to a proposed rollback of net neutrality internet protections, weighing in on whether and how to defend the open internet. John Oliver encouraged viewers to post to a public comment ...

7 Worthwhile Uses For Your Old Phone or Tablet

When it's time to upgrade to a new phone or tablet, the question comes up: What do you do with the old one? You've got a few options to pick from. You could pass it on to a friend or family member, ...

First Impressions of Amazon’s Echo Show

Amazon Inc.'s voice-activated Echo speakers already tell you things. Now, they can show you stuff, too. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman gives his first impressions of the Echo Show, which features a seven-inch touch screen that can pull up calendar appointments. He speaks on "Bloomberg ...

Security Check – The Hidden Data On A Boarding Pass

What do you do with your boarding pass after your flight lands?

Practice Makes Perfect

These talks drive home the many different ways to get better at what you care about.

3 Ways Happy People Vent Differently

Complaining isn't usually the most productive way to handle a bad situation and, in fact, can actually make matters worse.

Drinking Four Cups of Coffee Is Probably Safe

The most comprehensive review of evidence on health consequences of caffeine use has just been published.

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