by MidKnightt

June 15, 2019

Seven Warning Signs That You’ve Fallen into the Expertise Trap

  • You’re unfamiliar with new technologies or approaches in your industry.
  • When someone asks why you or the company does things in a certain way, you think, “Well, that’s how we’ve always done it.”
  • When making decisions, you focus on how much risk your options pose rather than on the opportunities they represent.
  • You discover that colleagues are working together in ways you haven’t—such as Slack, texts rather than email, and mobile rather than desktop.
  • You keep proposing the same old strategies and tactics to address new challenges.
  • You try to make old solutions ever more precise rather than pioneering entirely new ones.
  • Millennials leave your team faster than they do other teams in your company.

Source: Your Expertise May Be Holding You Back

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